We are the writers,

The mighty fine writers,

And everywhere we go-o

People want to know-oh

Who we are,

So we tell ‘em:

We are the writers,

The mighty fine writers…

No matter what high school you went to, it’s a sure bet that you chanted some variation on that endless little ditty often enough to drive your parents crazy. There’s a perverse satisfaction in getting on someone’s very last nerve…and then tweaking it just one more time, amirite? Of course!

We’re here to un-tweak some of your nerves. We’ll provide interesting commentary on collegiate daily life, helpful hints in surviving the horrors of midterm madness and dorm food, and ideas on how to get the most out of your college experience. We’ll give you some great ideas to make your life better.

We’ve been there. We know all the tricks to surviving college and having fun doing it, whether you’re living in a dorm with roomies who make you crazy, or whether you’re a working parent with job, boss, and kids who make you crazy. (Can you sense a theme here?) We’ll share with you our secrets to coming through the college experience more or less unscathed. Or at least having more fun.

We’ve been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. And now we’re ready to show you too how to survive college with a smile and with style to spare!