October 24th, 2011

Don’t Forget About Sleep: A Body Can’t Run on Beer and Pizza Alone

You are going to classes, right? – Check

You are making time for studying, researching and writing projects, right? – Check

You are selflessly giving of yourself by showing up at the Uni pubs and bars and clubs on a regular basis, right? – Check

You are keeping in touch with your family (they always worry about you), right? – Check

You are drinking some water, eating a few green items and getting at least some exercise, right? – Check 

Are you getting enough sleep?  PROBABLY NOT

Hey, you’re young and you have a lot of energy we know.  But missing out on your sleep can lead to serious consequences including but not limited to things like:

  • Repelling the Opposite Sex: Sagging bags under the eyes, droopy faces and pale skin is so not attractive.  Remember that you are in the largest dating pool of your life, so take advantage of it!
  • Looking as Dumb as Homer Simpson:  General forgetfulness, that ‘numb brain’ sensation and its resulting “Duh” look are directly related to not getting enough snooze time.
  • Paranoia:  Sleeplessness can create a sadness that may start out small but grows increasingly strong.  This can develop into bouts of crying and even a sense of paranoia.  (We hear that from the people stalking us…)
  • Stalking (see above):  An urge to stalk people, usually of the opposite sex (often past hook-ups), is a certain sign of fatigue.  This can lead to a sure-fire inability to get the girl / guy that you’ve had your eye on (usually due to being caught stalking them)
  • Damaging of the Private Areas:  A lack of motor skills or reduced motor functions may result in the spilling hot coffee into your lap.  Even worse, it can lead to the spilling of beer.
  • Nodding Off:  Falling asleep, for real (not strategically) in the middle (or even at the beginning of) a class or lecture is beyond your control when exhausted.

The thing is that sleep is one of those things that’s really under-rated.  We need it and we need it every night.  Some of the BENEFITS OF SLEEP include:

  • bright eyes and bushy tails (the kind that are still in fashion)
  • generally sharp brains and increased acute thinking that is able to process information really fast thus saving you a lot of time, effort and energy
  • avoiding embarrassment of many shapes and sizes

So consider hittin’ the sack!

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