October 17th, 2011

How to Avoid Murdering your Alarm Clock

Some of us struggle with getting out of bed in the mornings. Okay, most of us struggle. But how can a hike across campus on a blustery day to get to a lecture as dry as toast compete with the mattress that warmly supports you and the blankets that caress you in their folds? Really, it can’t. But a student has gotta do what a student has gotta do. And that starts with getting outta bed…

  • Sleeper, know thyself

If you know it takes you an hour of hitting the ‘sleep’ button on the alarm clock, then set the alarm back an hour. That way, you’ll have the luscious knowledge that you can turn Miley Cyrus OFF and get back into the dream of the moment. This will also allow you to wait until you awake to a great song which may just be the thing to get you up. There’s no better way to start the day than with a kickin’ song.

  • Add some distance

It’s one thing to keep hitting the snooze button, but if you know that you’re going to shut the alarm off in your semi-conscious state then something needs to be done. Try moving the alarm clock. Put it straight across the room so that you’ll have to (yech) physically get up and out of bed to beat the shite out of it. Nothing gets the heart pumping and the blood racing then an early morning fight. And though you will be wide awake feeling nasty, you’ll wide awake.

  • Get a wake up call

Consider asking for a wake-up call (the ringing kind) from the early riser in your circle of friends. You know that cheery morning person who pisses everyone off with their chatty morning tirades and demanding questions? The alarm clock can remain step number one; the call from Suzy Sunshine or Cheery Chuck will be step number two. Just remind the person who has agreed to make this call not to expect anything more than grunts or monosyllabic words from you. If they expect friendly conversation in return for the call then the friendship will be doomed.

  • Change your class schedule

You know you want to. A schedule of afternoon and early evening classes would be blissful, wouldn’t it?  Though unlikely to be possible, this is the ideal scenario for those of us who don’t respond well to the jolt of early (or even mid) morning. The trade-off will have you reading and studying into the night, and getting to the pub on the late side of the night. But it may just be worth it for your sanity.

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