September 13th, 2012

7 Best Ways to Get over Homesickness

Shhh, there there, it’s okay.  We all get a little lonely for the warmth of the bosom of family sometimes.  It is only human, and going away to higher education is a huge step in so many ways.  So what to do when the sad and heavy feeling hits you?  Simply read on for a few suggestions on how to ease your homesick feelings…

Number 1. Get the family signed up with Skype – it’s almost as good as being there. If they say that they need you to set it up for them, send them the tutorial links and coo to them that ‘they can do it.’ Even Oprah used Skype to connect with people and who knows better about connecting the heart than Oprah?

Number 2. Write love or gratitude letters to your family citing all your happy sentimental memories and then put them in the mail (you remember about the post, right?)  Receiving these touching notes will knock their proverbial socks off, and you’ll feel closer to them than ever.

Number 3. Put a family photo on your desk or by your bed.  Make sure the pic includes you in it, so that you’re reminded that you are part of the tribe, no matter how far you wander.  If it makes you feel uncool around the new Uni friends, then simply flip it over to reveal your favorite band when visitors drop by.

Number 4. Cuddle up with your favorite old blankie, stuffy toy or holey sweater from your youth.  Just sink into the softness and warmth and inhale the sticky musty smell of childhood. Chances are you’ll find a stain that will trigger your gag reflex, thus getting rid of the homesick feeling.

Number 5.  Have loud, wanton, uninhibited sex in your dorm (with someone, we suggest) and revel in the perks of being away from home…

Number 6. Just give in and ask Mum and Dad for the money needed to come for a visit (it’s probably best that your lover has left the room before doing this.)

Number 7. Get out of your stuffy little room and go out to meet up with some of your new ‘family:’ the other homesick students roaming around the campus.

Relax about it all, you are still in a period of transition and that can always kick up a lot of weird emotions.  These feelings will come and go and will all smooth out in no time at all.  You have flown the coop little birdie but your wings will get stronger every semester.

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