April 11th, 2012

Basic College Safety

College is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of your life. You are finally away from home and on your own, living as an adult. With this enhanced freedom, you have additional responsibilities, such as keeping yourself safe. Living safely while in college doesn’t have to be complicated. It simply requires use of common sense. As an extra benefit, it will make your parents happy when you tell them what you are doing. Here are some great, easy ways to stay safe while you are at college:

  • Keep your residence hall door locked. Even if you are just stepping away for a few moments, resist the urge to leave the door unlocked or blocked open for convenience. After all, would you leave your house unattended with the door unlocked?
  • Never let anyone in who you don’t personally know. Yes, they may think you are a jerk but so what? You don’t know them anyway and the safety of yourself and other residents of your hall comes first. If they claim to know someone in your hall, ask for a name, leave them locked out, and go tell the person who has company, if you just must be helpful.
  • Always lock your room door. Even when you are just going next door or hopping in the shower. A locked door provides you with an extra level of security. Imagine your parents coming for a surprise visit and just being able to walk in on you. Would the safety lecture be worth it? While you’re at it, don’t forget to lock the windows.
  • Keep up with your keys. If you lose them, report it immediately and get a new set.
  • Keep your car locked. It’s a simple thing to do and it will keep your car and everything in it a little safer. Besides, insurance companies will often deny theft claims if your car wasn’t locked. It is also a good idea to check on your car regularly, even if you don’t use it much.
  • Lock your laptop. Installing a locking device and/or a tracking device on your laptop can save you a great deal of heartache later on.
  • Keep an eye on your stuff. Whether you are in the library, the cafeteria, or another environment, keep an eye on your purse, iPod, laptop, and other belongings to ensure that they don’t walk away when you aren’t looking.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy. Program emergency numbers into your phone. If you should happen to lose your debit or credit cards, or have them stolen, you will have the numbers to call to cancel your cards. This can save the balance of your college money from unscrupulous hands.
  • If you are out on campus late at night, use the campus escort service. Yes, it can feel embarrassing, but it can also keep you safe. You can also consider traveling with a friend when you are out at night. There is truly safety in numbers.
  • Have a support network. Let someone know where you are going, with whom, and when you plan to be back. Have a good friend expecting your call when you return home so they will know you are in safe.


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