October 5th, 2011

Fashionomics is a Required Course – Top 7 Reasons Why

It’s one of those new and popular hybrid words you’ve probably heard being bandied about lately–“fashionomics.”  This is where fashion meets economics and it’s where you need to be.  Why?  Well, the reasons are obvious aren’t they?  Well, in case the reasons are not so obvious, take note below as we review the top seven reasons that you need to tune into this trend…

Reason #7:  You are now officially (and probably for the rest of your life if you are in a Bachelor of Arts program) on a budget.  Fashion, whatever that means to you, must be economical.  Period, end of story, get used to it.

Reason #6:  In college and universities around the globe you will find a long standing tradition of wearing ‘eclectic’ clothing.  This is the perfect blend of economics and fashion.  Look around you: nobody can afford new clothes!  You all have no choice but to go down Eclectic Avenue.

Reason #5:  Fashionomics, the word, remains grossly under-used.  Help it out a little.  When asked, “Er, what IS that you’re wearing?!” simply bat the back-handed compliment back with a slight roll of the eyes and the response, “Duh, fashionomics dude.”

Reason #4:  You may not have time to watch television anymore (does anyone watch television anymore?), so you may not know that this trend has now been built into advertising campaigns.   Jump aboard the train before it leaves the station!  The highly paid advertising execs say that it is a cool trend, and who knows better than these Mad Men?

Reason #3:  Fashionomics articles can be home-made.  Just think of the money you’ll save, the crafty fun you’ll have and the amount of recycling that can be done.  For Halloween consider making a grass skirt out of old paper grocery bags cut into strips.  Whack a coconut shell in half for the top half of your body and viola, instant Tahiti!

Reason #2:  (you must be getting pretty excited as our count-down approaches the top reason why!)  You are very busy, what with a new grown up life in on campus.  You have classes to attend, studying to do and God knows how many new kinds of alcoholic concoctions to sample.  Who has time to spell out the specs on their wardrobe?  Not you.

Fa-shion-om-ics.  Four quick little syllables will suit you well.

Reason #1: why fashionomics is what you need to be wearing:  There is no combination of clothing excluded from this clothing trend.  That makes life (and getting dressed in the morning) very easy.  Combining stripes and plaid? Wearing white after Labour Day? Swaggering in shorts and a wool sweater?  It’s all cool – it’s fashionomics!

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