May 14th, 2012

Solving The Studying Dilemma: Online Classes v. Mass Lectures

When it comes to deciding whether to pursue your degree in a traditional four year institution or with an accredited online program, there are countless factors to consider. In most cases, prices are a concern, and will greatly influence potential students. In addition, scheduling is a big factor. Having the ability to study and learn on your own schedule can be a benefit to those working full or part time, or those with families. However, one of the biggest differences is the way in which students will learn.

Ultimately, students need to determine whether they learn best in a large lecture setting or in through online classes in the comfort of their own home. This guide can help you to understand the pros and cons to each method of learning.

PROS of Online Classes
The largest benefit to have online classes is that you can do them anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet connection and a computer. It can be easier to teach more complicated subjects whether it’s engineering class about commercial modular buildings or a math class dealing with some complicated issues. In some cases, online classes are at set times, which means you will have to be available at the right moment. You can save on transportation costs and the time of your commute, by staying home and attending classes all at the same time.

CONS of Online Classes
If you have an online class with audio but no visual content; it can be easy to get distracted during the class. In addition, online classes that can be done on your own schedule mean you have to have the discipline to log on and begin each one. Without self-discipline, you may find yourself falling behind on the class schedule.

PROS of Mass Lectures
Mass lectures are often associated with attending large schools such as some of the bigger universities. The benefits are generally that a very educated and qualified professor is teaching the class, and that the budget is large enough to cover great displays and even experiments.

CONS of Mass Lectures
One drawback to these mass lectures is that they can become impersonal. If you are just one student among a lecture hall of 500, you may not feel as if you get any personalized attention, and in fact you may not even be recognized by the professor at all.

While online classes and mass lectures both have benefits and drawbacks, they are wonderful educational tools. Students simply need to decide which is best for their personality and style of learning.

Karen White likes to write about education. When not doing this, she is working on her screenplay.

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