May 11th, 2012

7 Pets You Can Keep in Your Dorm

Oh, you may think that you cannot keep pets in your dorm, but we beg to differ.  Pets, after all, offer us comfort, companionship, soothing relaxation, an always-ready ear, and an excuse to stay in when we need to.   Maybe you miss the big dopey Labrador you grew up with, or maybe you hanker for the warm purring of a cat happy in your lap.

Well, the fur-bearing creatures may be off limits to you right here and now, but there are still some options in the pet arena. You may want to double check with your house-master, prefect, or whoever it is that holds the reins of power in your dormitory to double check our suggestions below.


#1 – Beta fish.

These guys are Siamese fighting fish and they have to be alone in their bowl, a fine parallel to your life in that weensy dorm room.  Put with another Beta fish, they will fight to the death, or at least until a lot of fins are torn and the battle is broken up.  Try holding up a mirror to the Beta’s tank and watch it try to attack…


#2 – Gold fish.

A plainer fish choice, but don’t underestimate these guys for companionship.  Goldfish are a great throwback to childhood and that can be comforting.  Easy to care for, these fishies are happiest in pairs, as are many species.


#3 – Sea Monkeys.

If you never had these when you were a kid, go for it now.  Water-bound, these guys do not need trees to swing from and are unlikely to steal your bananas.


#4 – Stick Insects.

These fascinating leggy things can teach you an amazing lesson in how to hide in plain sight: they were in ‘camo’ gear long before it was fashionable.


#5 – Pet Rock.

You and your pretty stone can rock out together.  These things are solid, strong and reliable: they will always obediently stay exactly where you tell them to stay.



#6 – Chia Pet.

George Michael has even written and sung an ode to these (“I shoulda known better than to Chia pet…”) because he knew how fascinating they were.  Available in a range of sizes and styles, it will be easy to find the one to suit your personality.


#7 – A Mouse.

Chances are you have one already, if not in your room then close by.  Why not adopt one and take it under your purview?  Feeding it scraps, and offering soft old socks and sweaters for bedding will make that campus mouse one lucky adoptee.



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