October 18th, 2012

7 Reasons NOT to Skip Class

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Surely we do not need to write a blog on this subject.  You skipping class?  No!  You wouldn’t even consider doing that would you?  Not after all the hard-work that it took for you to get there, all the money your parental units had to fork out, all the…. Oh, wait, you are a college student so that means that you may be a bit lazy, a bit tired, a bit hung-over and possibly all of the afore-mentioned.  But, here is fair warning: there are a host of reasons why it is not a good plan to skip class.

1. You are highly likely to fail the class. This statistic is directly correlated to the amount of times you chose to skip class.  And how will you explain that fail, “Uh, I didn’t bother to go to class!?”

2. You will feel guilty. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life (or at least the rest of your college life.)

3. You will have to answer to your classmates. This will start out with perplexed “who is that guy / girl” look, will progress to side-long glances of disdain and then will evolve into head-on confrontations where you will have to answer for yourself and why it is that you are so special as to not have to attend the weekly snore-fest like all the rest of them.

4. You will have twice as much work to do at or for that next class.  Skip two in a row and you’ll have double the amount of work in front of you.  Skip anymore and the snowball gently rolling down the hill will built into an avalanche that is sure to bury you.

5. You will never have a chance to get to know your professor, even if you don’t feel the desire to do so right now.

6. You will never have a chance to get a letter of recommendation from your professor.  That might be something you need one day for a job, for grad school, or to appeal to any other prof that you have your eye on.

7. You will not set yourself up for success.  Successful people do what they know they need to do whether they feel like it or not.  Start now and make it a habit.

Skipping is a suitable act for children in the schoolyard.  You are too big for it and too much is at stake.

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