November 5th, 2011

Top 7 Tips – When Working Out Has to Work Out!

Don’t you hate it when the rain, sleet and snow stop on workout day?  Take this morning, for example.  It was a scheduled run day, but the early downpour meant that the workout could be cancelled.  That’s fair, isn’t it?  Who can be expected to jog in the sopping wet?  One could catch pneumonia, one could slip on a wet leaf and fall and get hurt, one could ruin their high performance runners.  But what are you to do when the rain dries up and the damn sun comes out; when the rustling leaves seem to call out to you, “Go for a run, slacker-pants!”

Well, it’s clear what to do: work out.  Repeat after us:  “Must remind myself to work out.   Must get strong and fit. Must look good in economy clothing.

Here are some tips and tricks to get there, and make all your workouts work out!

1) Affirm that you are worth it.  Say, “I am worth it, worth it.”  Do so in private.  Do so every time you lace up the runners or prepare to hit the gym.  Say it ten times when you are deliberating going for a work out.  If you still don’t believe yourself, then you’re probably right.

2) Pick up on the cues from the Universe.  When the rain dries up and the sun comes out on jog day, then get the hell out there for a jog.  Just go.  The bloody sun came out for you, what more do you need to sway you?

3) Use the workout as an opportunity to pick up dates.  Why not combine two chores into one?  May as well.  The apple of your eye has the added benefit of being able to see you in action, and to see that you think that you are worth it…

4) Think about how good you’ll feel after the workout is done.  Fit as fiddle, strong like bull, lean like fighting machine.

5) Remind yourself of your reasons for working out.  See above: that should help.

6) Scream out loudly, “Endorphins get ready to hit me!”  This will in fact get them ready, which is handy because as soon as the workout begins those suckers are going to be flooding your happy system.

7) Just do it.  Hey, it’s worked for Nike, and it can work for you.  Put a set of blinders on, shut out your Inner Whiner, take all excuses and shove them down.  Just. Go. Workout.

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